3 Ways to Deals with Car Scratches

Car scratches are unfortunately very popular problems for all drivers. They can appear out of nowhere! Scratches can ruin your car’s paint, the windshield, or even leather seat covers. Luckily, nowadays we have some very quick and efficient methods on how to fight these scratches and chips. Read this blogpost to find out!

Car paint scratch

Let’s start with the easiest (and cheapest) way! But note, this will only be suitable for small scratches, in other cases you need to go to a repair person.

First, clean the surface and dry it off. Then, put some toothpaste onto a slightly wet microfiber towel. Rub the toothpaste into the scratch, let it dry (you can use an air dryer for it). Repeat the process until the scratch is filled and surface is even, then remove the excess toothpaste, and you’re done!

Leather rips and gouges

Leather seat covers look gorgeous, but unfortunately, they easily get rips and gouges. If you noticed that your seats look worn-down, don’t worry – there’s still a way to save them! This Leather Repair Gel does magic in restoring leather or vinyl material! Just apply this gel onto the damaged area, spread it and let it dry – the job is done!

Windshield (glass) scratches and chips

Finally, we’re at the trickiest method. Although glass is very fragile, and it might seem like there’s no chance in saving your windshield, it can still be easily repaired (if the crack isn’t too big, of course). This Glass Repair Liquid is your best option in restoring the windshield fast and cheap.

The fixing process is easy. Prepare the surface by removing glass debris, then put the suction cup at the center of the crack. The liquid should be put onto the damaged area and then covered by the curing film without any air bubbles or gaps. Let it all dry and enjoy the result!

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