5 Easy Car Cleaning Hacks

Not many people like cleaning: it’s tiresome, time-consuming, and simply not the most pleasant activity to do in your free time. But it just has to be done, and your car is no exception. But don’t worry – there are some ways to make this process a bit easier, and we’re happy to share them with you!

Silicone cupcake molds for cup holders

Cup holders tend to get messy from all the drops and sweating of our beverages and cleaning them is very hard due to the shape. But if you place silicone cupcake molds on the bottom of your cup holders, it’ll get much easier. Simply take out the molds and clean them at home or even replace them if nothing can be done.

Slime for hard-to-reach areas

All dirt and dust that stubbornly clings to your hard-to-clean areas can be removed with cleaning slime! These products can be shaped and bent anyhow you want, meaning you can reach anything with it, even air vents.

Cover the seat for pets

Sometimes, the best cleaning method is prevention. Instead of figuring out how to remove your pet’s hair or dirt from their paws from your car seats, just get a special cover. This one, for example, covers the entire back area, leaving no chance for hair and dirt!

Squeegee and spray bottle

However, if some hair still got its way onto the upholstery, you’ll need only a squeegee and a spray bottle with water to remove it. Mist the surface a bit and then run the squeegee over it – all pet hair will be pulled with it!

Olive oil for dashboard

Once you’re done with cleaning the dashboard (this Plush Car-Washing Glove is a great tool for it), you’d want to keep it shiny for longer. Instead of spending money on expensive polishers, you can just rub olive oil into the dashboard to keep it nice and shiny!

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