Comfortable Car Travel With Your Dog

Moving to another city, a trip to a dog show, a visit to the country — this is just an incomplete list of reasons for traveling with a pet. To make your road trip easy and pleasant both for you and your fur buddy, keep in mind some tips from the Pro Driver Shop team.

Early preparation

When traveling, you need to decide on the place where the pet will be: on the seat or in the luggage compartment of an SUV. The dog should have the owner or someone from the family in sight to feel more comfortable.

If your dog is small, you can use a pet carrier. When choosing it, consider the dog’s comfort and the size of the trunk or free space in the seat.

Avoid rigid fixation of the dog’s body in the back seat or in the luggage compartment. Provide your pet with enough space for a comfortable ride.

To solve the problem of stains, paws and claws, you can use various types of removable covers, for example, this Dog Car Seat Cover. They are made of materials that are easy to wash, and will reliably protect your car interior.

Just before the trip

Don’t feed the dog for at least two hours before the trip. This will minimize the risk of feeling nauseous on the road. If there is enough free space, take your pet’s favorite toys with you.

You need to walk your dog before leaving to avoid unexpected stops. If you travel with a puppy, take a lot of disposable diapers and wet wipes with you. This will eliminate the hassle of cleaning the cabin or the carrier.

To clean the car after the trip, use Compact Car Vacuum Cleaner. It will easily remove all fur, dust and mud from your car seats and floor.Visit and get these amazing products at affordable prices! We offer car organizers, car accessories, and other drivers’ essentials that simplify your life.

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